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In 2020 Best 10 easy ways to make money online from home without scam

Updated: Oct 5

Today, everyone is looking for an extra source of income to lead a lavish life. People look for ways through which they can make money online. This online income helps to meet the expenses and it also serves as a good way to save for the future. If you are one such person looking forward to adding to your income then here is a list of some ways that can help you to earn money online.


Blogging is a very popular way to make money online if you like to express your views to the public. You can create your website and write blogs related to various topics you like. You can also build a niche of your website to attract the targeted audience towards your blog.

Deciding a niche will also help you in advertising your blog posts. You can make your blogs more attractive by various pictures and videos if you want more audience.

Freelance services

Nowadays, freelancing is a great way to earn extra income. Various platforms are specially made for service providers and buyers. If you possess any skill you can sell your skill in the form of service.

There are many buyers available in the market looking for quality work. You can offer the services in which you excel like logo designing, website building, and designing, photo editing, video editing, etc. Other services that are in high demand are SEO management, content writing, etc.

Doing the work that you love will never bore you and you can make a huge profit through it.

Best freelance services website






6)Evanto studio






YouTube is the second largest search engine and has huge traffic. You can find a wide variety of audiences based on different categories like gaming, lifestyle, beauty, etc.

Vlogging is also becoming very popular on YouTube where you show your audience your daily life routine.

Making these videos is great fun and you can easily edit it using different video editing apps. You can also share knowledge with the audience if you know about a certain topic. Decide a particular category and create your channel to build consistency in your videos.


Dropshipping is where you open your official website and include various products on your store for the audience. You can advertise those products on various social media platforms to promote your sales.

There are various platforms where you can build your online presence and promote your products. You just have to buy the domain. The platform will provide you free theme and various advanced features.

In dropshipping, you don’t have to buy the products on wholesale. You can contact the seller directly and they will ship your order on time.

Top Dropshipping Company

(Recommended)1)AliExpress-Best Dropshipper 2)Doba-Dropshipping

3)WorldWideBrand 4)Dropship Direct-Wholesale Drop Shipping 5)Wholesale 2B- Best Drop Shipper Wholesaler

6)Sunrise Wholesale-Wholesale Drop Shipping 7)Ali Dropship 8)Whalesale Central-Drop Shipping Company 9)Megagoods-Drop shipper 10)Oberio- eCommerce Products

11)Saleholo-Drop Ship Wholesaler Best Dropshipper Marketplace 1)Shopify

Domain selling business

A domain is essential when you are making any website. A custom domain is short and attractive thus people go for suitable domain names.

You can buy various domain names at very cheap prices and later on sell them at a higher price when the demand for that particular domain is there.

This is a great way to make money online as you can charge a good amount from the buyer to sell that domain name. Many people are doing this domain selling businesses and earning an extra side income.

Top domain buy platform


Bigrock Siteground

Top Domain Selling Platform

1) 2) 3)GoDaddy Auction 4) 5)Namecheap Marketplace. 6) 7)NamePros 8)Bluehost 9)SnapNames 10) 11) 12) 13) 14)

Detail Hosting Information

Goggle, FB, Instagram, Tiktok ads marketing

Ads play a major role in online marketing. Every company and online store goes for advertisements to spread awareness among the people.

By learning the ad marketing skills, you can make a huge profit and build an entire marketing business. Try to learn the algorithm of Google, Instagram, Facebook, Ttiktok ads, and then practice it.

Master the skill and give your clients better results. Nowadays, ads are important for selling any product thus every company is on the lookout for good online marketers.

Stock investment

Stock investment is a very popular way to make money online. You just have to understand the market and the company’s consistency to invest successfully.

Many professionals can help in these investment plans. You can easily take advice and learn how to find the correct company’s stock.

This will give you a better profit and you can easily earn money without much effort. Try to diversify your investments to increase the probability of your profit.

Top Discount Brokers in India


2)5paisa 3)SAS ONLINE 4)Upstox 5)Samco 6)Wisdom capital 7)Trade smart online 8)Prostocks 9)Tradingbells

Social media influencer

If you are having a good engagement on social media, you can become a social media influencer.

There are various influencers present on these platforms based on different niche. If you like to talk about health and fitness, you can post videos and pictures related to this category. This will attract the audience that is willing to have a healthy lifestyle.

When you have good engagement with the followers, companies approach you and ask you to do their promotion. In return, the company pays you a good amount. They increase their brand awareness and you generate decent income online.

Become a consultant

You can make money online by becoming an online consultant. If you are a doctor, gym instructor, dietician, etc.

you can easily start your online consulting sessions and guide people. Many people look for online services and advice in a different sector. If you are a dietician, you can talk to your client through video conferencing and prepare the diet chart according to their height weight, age, etc.

This will ease your client’s work as they don’t have to visit your clinic again and again. If you are a good business consultant, you can give people advice on their business growth through online sessions and earn extra money.

Top-10 Consulting Firms in India

1 Mckinsey & Co. 2 Boston Consulting Group 3 Bain & Co. 4 A.T.Kearney 5 Accenture Management Consulting 6 Deloitte Consulting 7 Strategy& (Booz & Co.) 8 KPMG US/KPMG Advisory 9 PwC Consulting 10 Arthur D.Little

Digital e-commerce platform

Ecommerce is emerging massively and competition is increasing day by day. Through an e-commerce store, you can set your entire business plan and generate huge income.

There are many successful millionaires having e-commerce stores. You just have to invest in a good website and your products. You can buy wholesale products from various applications and online sites at very cheap rates.

These cheap rates can give you a higher profit margin. Spread awareness about your store among the people through various platforms. Work on generating leads as that can give you massive income.

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