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In 2020 Best 10 cheapest hosting and domain provider

Updated: Oct 6

Best 10 cheapest hosting

Have a life-changing idea but don't know how to market it. In today's world, where almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet, internet marketing can be a life-changing option. 93% of current existing business decisions, purchases are happening on the internet, and 90% of that is done via search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, So, the internet not only gives you the option of easy access to your audience but also provides you with-

· A sense of professionalism

· One-time investment

· Easy access for your customers

· Broaden your market internationally

· Easy to access the data center for your company.

Hence, we can see that internet marketing via the website is not only highly effective but also the cheapest method to do so. Now, building a website is no child's play. You need to get a proper server and host the whole website on that, which is a pretty hectic job. To make this job easier, there are many websites which offer low cost, secure web server hosting services for individuals and small, medium and large scale businesses interested to go online. Some of the best cheapest hosting and domain providers on the internet are:-


Bluehost is one of the leading websites that provide easy and affordable web server hosting services. It is just like which means you can design a website on the site in just 3 basic steps:-

· Design your website using the existing premium themes on the site, which means you don't even need to design a website. Just select a theme according to your business, edit it, and voila! You are good to go.

  • Name your website. With you can get your domain name free of cost for the first 1 year.

  • You are 99% done already, after all this host it on the website for the lowest price.

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The website offers 3 types of packages. Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. The current premium features available on Bluehost includes:-

· Automatic WordPress Installation

· Microsoft 365 available

· Free domain name for 1 year

· Automatic WordPress updates

· Secure configuration of login credentials

· WordPress staging environment available

· Free SSL certificate and many more.


Hostgator is another contender for one of the best cheapest hosting and domain provider lists with over 2,000,000 businesses growing under their name. This website can be used as a server hosting platform for your small businesses and blog site. The current plans on this site include Shared Hosting, Wordpress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting.


With mainly 4 different types of hosting .i.e, Web hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, this site with its user-friendly design and fast servers, is one of the top contenders for the best cheapest hosting and domain provider.

With the starter package starting from just 99/month, And then with the Business and Business Pro package, you can host unlimited websites with free domain registration and unlimited SSD storage for just 199/month and 699/month.


With its Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated hosting service, is another strong contender in this list with plans starting from just 226, 378, 757, 1136 rupees. You can get your shared/managed WordPress hosting done in seconds.


Powered by Google cloud and ultra-fast networking, is another one of the best cheapest hosting and domain provider on the internet. It has fantastic features like easy and fast website building tools and also offers fast and smooth website migration. You can also manage and collaborate on websites using this.


With each of its package consisting of basic and premium sub plans, this websites gives a wide range of packages for almost every type of businesses. Services from unlimited SSD storage to unlimited bandwidth to 24/7 customer support, Free SSL certificate gives a tough fight to other contenders in this list.


With the cheapest plan on the internet for just 1 USD for 3 months, this platform is perfect for beginners who want to kick start their business and don't have enough capital. With features like Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage, 450+ Cloud Apps, Website Builder, Unlimited Email, is one of the top candidates in the list.


With services like Shared Hosting, Reseller hosting, WordPress Hosting, EmailEmail Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting starting from just 2.03 Canadian dollars/month. This site gives a whole new level for hosting a web server. With ultra-fast servers and 24/7 support and low tariff, it is evident that you will get the best cheapest hosting domain provider experience.


Packages starting from just 59/month and 119/month, this site is another candidate with quality services like high-quality web hosting, free domain hosting, user-friendly website builder, and optimized hosting with WordPress. Also, it offers 24/7 customer support and a powerful control panel so that you can control your business empire from your computer itself.


Being one of the most popular web server hosting platforms on the internet, provides one of the most unique and essential services to its customers. With Services like stunning inbuilt templates, drag and drop user-friendly interface, mobile-friendly site and custom domains make sure you don't get lured to other sites easily.

With this, our list for the top 10 best cheapest hosting and domain provider end. Don't wait, kick start your business career and make your dreams come to life.


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